AIRMAN  Hokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd.

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Company Outline

Company Outline

Registered Company Name
Hokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd.
Brand Name
May 15, 1938
Registered Office
3074 Shimoaouzu, Tsubame-shi, Niigata-ken, 959-0293, JAPAN
TEL: +81-256-93-5571

■Tokyo Headquarters
Shinjuku San-Ei Bldg. 8F, 1-22-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023, JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-3348-7251
Business Contents
Manufacturing and sales for engine driven compressor, motor driven compressor, engine driven generator, scissors lifter, mini-excavator andengine driven welder
Factory Facilities
Lines of casing process, screw rotor process, sheet petal, painting and assembly
Paid-up Capital
Annual Turnover
JPY41,789,000,000 (as of Mar., 2020 consolidated)
Fiscal Year
Every March 31
Stock Exchange Market
Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Board of Directors
President : Goichi Sato
Managing Director & Sales Division : Norimi Nagasawa
Director of Production Division : Katsumi Kaneko
Director & Full time Audit Committee Member : Junichi Kanai
Outside Director & Audit Committee Member : Toshihiko Koike
Outside Director & Audit Committee Member : Takamasa Suzuki
Outside Director & Audit Committee Member : Yoshikane Saito
Executive Officers
Director of Administration Division : Nobuhiko Kasawa
Sales Division ,Director Of Overseas Marketing Department : Suehisa Toyotaka
Sales Division ,Director Of Customer Support Department & Parts Group Manager : Fujihiro Takahashi
Production Division, Director of Quality Control Department : Tetsuya Sasage
Administration Division ,Director Of Management Planning Department : Yoichi Fjinami
Sales Division,Director Of Western Japan Sales Department : Motojima Hideaki
Production Division, Director Of Development Department : Isao Masuda
Sales Division,Director Of Eastern Japan Sales Department : Kazuyoshi Takai


Established; began manufacture and sales of stationary-type compressor. Capitalized at ¥15,000.
Became a disgnated factory of former Japanese Navy and sold large quantities of compressors. Established Tokyo branch.
Switched from military to civilian demand with the development of a compact, portable, high-speed reciprocating-type compressor.
Exported a large stationary-type compressor to Korea as the first unit of export.
Delivered 200 portable compressors to the US Far East Army. Recognized its performance equivalent with American /European models.
Launched the brand name "AIRMAN."
Completed the first Japan-made rotary compressor for use in the construction of Japan's largest dam project.
Embarked on a 3-year facility rationalization program designed to support volume production. Capital increased to JPY6 mil.
Established Osaka branch. Capital doubled to JPY12 mil.
Prompted the launch of a 4-year facility rationalization program due to rapid surge in demand. Capital raised to JPY45.88 million.
Completed the 4-year rationalization program. Completed the word largest compressor production plant with assembly line 200m. Began technology exports to India. Recognized as a company contributing to Japanese exports.
Signed technical collaboration agreement with the Republic of South Africa. Started operations at a knock-down factory.
An AIRMAN compressor was used in the Antarctic Explore Ship “Fuji” by the Japan Antarctic Observation Team. Capital raised to JPY100 mil.
Signed annual export agreement with Republic of China.
Achieved 10,000 units annual sales. Became a principal compressor manufacturer both in name and reality in the world. Devevloped AIRMAN unloader (power reduction device at no load) and AIRMAN profile (unique arc screw rotor). Launched a biggest portable screw compressor in Japan.
Launched diesel generators. Diversified products.
Received "Top Excellent Prize of Ministry of Labor" especially for production environment. Capital raised to JPY150 mil.
Began registration system of dealer "AIRMAN association". Awarded "Prize of Machinery Development Association" thanks to AIRMAN unloarder. Launched engine welder. Capital raised to JPY212.85 mil.
Launched small single phase generators. Capital raised to JPY300 mil.
Capital raised to JPY630 mil.
Completed and began operation of Yoshida plant. The company was listed on the Niigata Stock Exchange Market (Oct. 29).
Named as Marginable Stocks by the Niigata Stock Exchange. Launched mini-excavators. Capital raised to JPY1.1 bil.
Awarded the Energy Conservation Machinery Prize at Japan Machinery Industries Federation by our screw compressor PDS series.
Awarded FA prize and named "the One Hundred Best Advanced Production Sites Nationwide" by Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper.
Established ARA (AIRMAN Rental Association) in Western Japan.
Established ARG (AIRMAN Rental Group) in Eastern Japan.
Awarded a prize from the Ministry of Labor in recognition of factory safety.
Introduced online systems throughout the company to integrate order inflow, production and delivery data. Celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Awarded the Niigata Economic Promotion Prize. Expanded the Yoshida plant and focused on compressors and generators, while the Bunsui plant became a dedicated mini-excavator factory.
Established "Hokuetsu Industries Europe B.V. in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Completed the mini-excavator AX series.
Established "ASC Company Ltd. at Yashio-shi, Saitama.
Awarded ISO 9001 certification.
Listed on the 2nd Division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market (Mar. 1). Received "Excellent Energy Saving Machine Prize" from Japan Machinery Industries Federation for the Oil-less compressor SAW series.
Awarded “Presidential Citation Prize” by International VE Society for Hokuetsu's outstanding TCR activities.
Established "Foundry Inc. at Tsubame-shi, Niigata.
Established "EN System Co., Ltd.
Established "AIRMAN-FUSHENG (SHANGHAI) Electromechanical Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China as joint venture with Fusheng Industrial (Taiwan).
Certificated of ASME authorization "U" and "UM" stamp. Awarded ISO14001. Certificated of GOST authorization for Russia.
Changed the headquarter address from Ootakeshinden to Shimoaouzu, Tsubame-shi. Began to sell PTO (Power Take Off) generator 3 models. Launched scissors lift 6.1m 2 models.
Dissoluted of several sections such as AIRMAN association, ARA, ARG and ASKA association into NEW AIRMAN association. Launched generator SDG-F series with oil fence. Launched oil free compressor outdoor type SMAD75.
Celebrated its 70th anniversary. Launched scissors lift 8.0m and 9.9m. Awarded "Heisei 20th Excellent Green Factory Prize" by Kanto region of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Oct. 1).
Launched energy saving screw compressor "PROAIR Series."
Registered oil-fenced power generator into "New Technology Information System (NETIS)" by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism.
The world's first! Launched energy-saving and variable-speed diesel power generator VSG.
Awarded “Good Green Spaces Factory Prize” by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (Nov. 1)
Established "Hokuetsu Industries Asia Sdn. Bhd. in Selangor, Malaysia.
Completed the new painting plant (Aug. 23).
Began installing new enegy saving AS rotor (5x6 tooths) on compressor in order.
Listed on the 1st Division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market (Mar. 4).
Changed the name of "Hokuetsu Industries Asia Sdn. Bhd. to "AIRMAN ASIA Sdn. Bhd. (Jul. 1)
The number of shares to constitute one unit share had been changed to 100 shares (Dec. 1).
Established “AIRMAN USA Corporation” in Georgia, the United States.
Launched leak-guard generator series.
Launched able generator series.
The world's first! Launched invertor controled oil free screw compressor outdoor type SMAD22VD.
New Series Scissors lifter 4.0m~9.9m is launched.
Celebrated its 80th anniversary.
Start providing IoT solution by offering Good Smile service PLUS(Warranty program including maintenance plan for motor compressor+ Remote monitoring).
Completed construction of the welfare building (Mar.22)
Completed construction of the new building of Osaka branch (Nov.27)
Completed the construction of EN System Co., Ltd. Tsubame factory (Dec.3)
Transition to Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Apr.4)
Completed construction of the new building of Nishi Kanto Branch (Apr.11)
Completed construction of the new building of Chugoku Branch (Nov.27)
Completed construction of the new building of the development & administrative department(Nov.20)