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Our Business

Continuously taking on the challenge of opening-up new domains in technologies and products through fusing various basic technologies and elaborate marketing.

Being active in a wide range of fields from construction machinery through to industrial machinery

Focusing on screw compressors that use our own air compression technology, we offer a wide product lineup ranging from construction machinery through to industrial machinery, including engine generators and engine welders that make full use of electronics technology, and scissors lifters and mini excavators that combine hydraulic technology and control technology. In order to meet our users' diverse and complex needs for screw compressors, engine generators, and other products, we have established a production system that can meet the required delivery schedule by utilizing an information on-line system that links all domestic branches, sales offices and overseas subsidiaries with the development, design and manufacturing departments.

Combining marketing and technology for proposal-based product development

We are continuously pursuing new technologies and fields by focusing on the developments in the powerfully evolving highly technological society. To further clarify our approach, we have been flexibly using the technologies we have accumulated across each individual product field. Based on our in-company technologies and marketing and information analysis, we are pursuing "proposal-based product development," in which we do not merely respond to needs, but pre-empt them in order to open-up new markets.

We are focusing on customer needs in a new era to constantly develop and accumulate technologies in creative and flexible ways.

A key concept in our technical development is reducing the burden on the environment

Aiming to take a further leap forward in the world with our air compression technology, we have been working to prevent air, soil, water, and other pollutions, and also to reduce noise and vibration. In recent years, we have been pursuing measures to reduce environmental burden in the air energy field and developing engine compressors and motor compressors that aim to save energy, labor, and costs. In addition, we have been expanding our technical-development framework into fields other than the air energy field, such as engine generators, scissors lifters, mini excavators, and engine welders. Moreover, in addition to diversifying in construction machinery, we have been developing and selling various products and expanding their application into the industrial fields of not only civil engineering and construction machinery, but also food, home appliances, housing, clothing, print, and aircraft.